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Say Thanks!
May 6-10 is National Teacher Appreciation Week

National Teacher Appreciation Week is a time to recognize the positive, life-long impact teachers have on kids and communities. Most importantly, it's a time to thank all the dedicated education professionals who do some of the toughest jobs in the world.

Say "thank you" and raise awareness by helping us spread the message. Add a graphic to your Web or social media sites, send a card to an educator in your life, and share letters from our "gratitude gallery" with your friends and family.

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Gratitude Gallery
We know that educators deserve thanks for all they do every day of the year. But to help the public and parents say “thank you” during National Teacher Appreciation Week from May 6-10, we have created an online “Gratitude Gallery.”


Share Graphics
Share these graphics with your social networks or use on your Web site or blog to help increase awareness of National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 6-10.


Printable Appreciation Cards
Download one of these greeting cards and send it to your favorite educator(s) during National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 6-10.



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