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belief one
That EVERY student deserves a high-quality education.

belief two
That a child’s zip code should not determine the quality of his or her education. The state of Illinois must make education a priority and pay its share of the costs of funding education. Doing so would eliminate the current overreliance on local property taxes to fund schools and level the economic playing field among wealthy and disadvantaged districts.

belief three
That teachers know best how kids learn in the classroom and should have an equal voice in what will work to improve education.

belief four

That great teachers, support personnel, and school leaders are critical for student learning and achievement. To maintain high levels of performance and stay up-to-date on technology, research and instruction, they must receive ongoing, quality professional development and, for our newest educators, intensive induction and mentoring supports.

belief five

That all adults involved in children's education - teachers, principals, district administrators and school board members - must be held accountable for their performance. The work they do impacts multiple aspects of teaching and learning.

belief six

That performance evaluation results, when proven fair and reliable, should be used to determine whether or not a teacher is granted tenure. These performance evaluation systems must be developed collaboratively with teachers.

belief seven

That students learn more and educators teach best in safe, adequately staffed schools. School violence, crumbling buildings and overcrowded classrooms negatively impact performance for students and educators and must be eliminated.

belief eight

That students have the right to learn more than reading, writing and mathematics. To thrive as individuals and prepare for the 21st Century workforce, students must receive a rich curriculum of history, art, music and foreign languages.


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