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Six Timesaving Tips for Crazy-Busy Parents

Have you ever wished you could survive without sleep? Let’s face it, we’ve all wished for just a little more time in our busy schedules — time to spend with the kids, our spouse, our friends or just a little more “me” time. Unfortunately, there is no magic way to add hours to the day, but following a few timesaving tips can help even the busiest parent start each day off on the right foot.

  1. Select a Weekly Wardrobe: Every Sunday, pick out five school day outfits for each child for the coming week and store each one on a separate hanger or shelf.
  2. Set Up Breakfast Before Bed: After clearing the dinner dishes, set the table for breakfast. Put out boxes of cereal or favorite breakfast foods so your child can help him or herself.
  3. Make Extra Meals: When you prepare one casserole, make an extra or two and freeze them. They will come in handy when soccer practice runs late or you forget to set something out for dinner.
  4. Pre-prepare: Make individual juice boxes, snacks bags and other non-perishables in advance for one week at a time. Then all you'll need to do to pack school lunches the night before is make a sandwich or wrap up leftovers (see tip #3).
  5. Check the Weather: Before you go to bed, check the weather report for the next day and lay out any raincoats, boots or sweaters you and your children might need. This will avoid frantic searching for necessary items and eliminate the “I can’t find” complaints.
  6. Create a Family Calendar: Set up an area with a large calendar so everyone can see the monthly schedule for everyone in the family. This will help alleviate the last-minute stress of forgotten obligations and help avoid schedule conflicts.

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