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Overscheduled? Take Time to Make Time

Between classes, homework, sports, music, theater, church groups and Scouts, families often get overloaded. This often starts to show up in negative ways: children get cranky, routines become rushed, and things just feel tense.

While there is no clear-cut answer or no “right” number of activities for every family, there are ways to establish time together and make sure everyone is getting enough downtime.

Strategies for finding balance:
• Drop activities that sap your time or energy
• Reduce intensity of involvement with a current activity
• Take a sabbatical from outside activity for a period of time
• Eliminate television and other media for a an hour a day or more
• Add more meals together
• Create a special “family night”
• Build downtime into your schedule
• If you find an empty space on the calendar, leave it alone.
• Remember that a little relaxation goes a long way

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