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Kids and the Community

With as busy as we all are today, it can be hard to take an active role in the community. But getting involved—and teaching your kids to get involved—is an important part of being a successful community member.

Begin by starting a dialogue with your kids. Talk to them about the benefits and importance of helping others and help them find volunteer opportunities that are suited for their age and interests.

Try some of these ideas:
• Visit the elderly
• Join a community clean-up effort
• Volunteer at an animal shelter
• Work in a local soup kitchen
• Participate in a local bike-a-thon or 5k run or walk to raise fund and awareness for a cause
• Take part in a food drive
• Mentor another kid

Need more ideas on how to volunteer? Log onto
Get and Volunteermatch to find lots of organizations and causes that would love to have you participate.

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