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Give Your Child’s Lunch a Healthy Overhaul

If your child’s school lunch too often consists of chips, candy and soda, it’s time to upgrade their brown bag meals and earn an A+ for nutrition!

Making healthy changes to home-packed school lunches is easier when you get your kids involved. Try out these fun ideas with your children to create nutritious lunches that provide the important nutrients your kids need to be healthy, energetic and alert during the school day.

Presentation is everything
Since kids love those little lunches that come in fun packaging and cute compartments, allow your child to help you pick out a bento box in their favorite color and theme. Some fun options include Yubo Lunchbox Systems available at

Pack super sides
Studies show that most children are not eating enough vegetables, so try adding them to lunch time in fun, tasty ways. Try pairing zucchini chips with light ranch dressing and baby carrots with peanut butter or hummus for yummy dipping options.

Save room for dessert
Wisely-chosen sweet treats can still have a place in a healthy lunch box. For example, replace chocolate bars with homemade trail mix containing dried fruit, roasted almonds and dark chocolate chips.

Look at the leftovers
Ask your child to keep all wrappers and uneaten food in their lunchbox. By reviewing what remains you’ll learn what your child likes best – and least – and can adjust lunches according to personal tastes.

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