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Easy Ways to Include Art in Your Child’s Life

Much like children need good nutrition on a daily basis to keep their bodies healthy and strong, kids need a daily serving of the arts to keep their minds active and interests balanced. From music to acting, storytelling to painting, encourage your child to participate in the arts at home or school.

Here are a few simple ways to help your child develop a love of the arts and get them involved.

Introduce them to artists
Create a series of “artist (or musician or author) of the month” flash cards with an artist’s photo on the front and information about him or her on the back. At the beginning of each month, display a new card and discuss facts about that artist all month.

Help them color their world
Provide your child with a variety of materials to create various media and encourage them to color “outside the lines.”

Point out the power of the pen
After your child finishes reading a book, encourage him or her to create an alternate ending, or write their own original tale.

View and discuss art

Take your child to a museum, gallery, local art festival, live music or theater performance or other art venue. Discuss what you see or hear, what the artist may have been thinking when creating their work and what it makes your child think about or feel.

Support arts education in schools
Contact your elected lawmakers at the local, state and national levels to ask them to increase arts education funding for schools.

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