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Creative Classroom Celebrations Cupcakes Not Required!

From birthdays to holidays and other special events, throughout the school year children and teachers have plenty of reasons to celebrate. Classroom celebrations offer a great way for children to feel like part of their school community, and an opportunity for children, teachers and parents to come together to enjoy a break from routines.

But times have changed since today’s parents were in school. The growing awareness of food allergies and concerns about food safety have forced many school districts to establish strict policies about classroom celebrations. It is not uncommon for school policy to prohibit students and parents from bringing in edible treats for classroom consumption.

If your child’s school does have a no-treat policy, don’t worry. There are many creative ways besides to help your child share a birthday or other special event with his or her classmates. Here are a few suggestions for fun, no-bake classroom celebrations that your child, the teacher and the whole class will remember and enjoy.

  • Have your child purchase a copy of his or her favorite book and dedicate it to the class library as a “birthday” gift. Ask the teacher whether your child can read the book to the class to celebrate. To commemorate the event, include a bookplate inside the front cover with your child’s name and birth date to ensure a “piece” of your child is remembered in the class for years to come!
  • Purchase a favorite educational board game or DVD for the class to enjoy. Add a special message from your child on the box.
  • Have your child distribute pencils, erasers or other small school-related tokens to each student on his or her birthday or to commemorate a holiday. You can find lots of fun, decorated items perfect for giving in teacher stores, craft stores and even “dollar” shops.
  • Ask your child’s teacher if your child may create an “All About Me” poster, scrapbook or even make a video on CD-ROM to present to the class on his or her birthday. Especially for children with birthdays near the beginning of the year, this is a great way for the other students to learn about your child while helping him or her celebrate this special day.
These are just a few ideas, but the options are endless. Ask other parents, teachers and your son or daughter for ideas, too. You’ll be surprised at the many smart ways you can celebrate in the classroom without cupcakes!

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